The Types Of Sex You Can Have With A Sex Doll

When it comes to sex, people would want to try different positions not just about curiosity but also to have the best experience. It is necessary for people to explore the different positions while making love for them to know which one gives them too much pleasure. This is the reason why people will have different answers when asked what position they love when having sex. 

Silicone Sex Dolls

Explore Different Sex Positions with Your Love Doll

Men normally craves for different positons when having sex. Unfortunately, some women are comfortable with it and just want to settle with one or two positions. As a results, men feel bored when making love and think of a way on how they can put their wild dreams into reality. This is when sex dolls become popular. With your sex doll, you are free to try different types of sex positions without asking permission or hearing complaints. 

If you want to explore different sex positions but you don’t want to tell your partner about it, then use a love doll. Listed below are just some of the common sex positions that you can try.

  • Spooning

If you have a heavy sex doll, then spooning is an ideal position that you can do. It is an intimate sex position wherein you have to let the doll lie on her side. After that carry one of her legs and thrust your thing.

  • Doggy style

If you want a deeper penetration for sexual satisfaction, you only have to follow what doggies do when making love. Yet, after using the doll, keep it in a safe place to keep your doll away from damages.

  • Cowgirl

If you enjoy looking at your doll above you, then try the cowgirl position. You have to go for a lightweight doll to avoid feeling stress when making love.

  • Missionary

This is the most common sex position that you can do with ease. Allow your doll to lie down before you start the play. Some men prefer simple positions because what matters is that they reach their orgasm.

There are indeed various types of sex that you can choose from. Humans look for a particular position that will make it easier for them to reach orgasm. Some also look for positions that could help them stay longer in bed. So, if ever that you want to learn a particular sex position that you can try to your partner, you can use a sex doll first to know how you should do it.