About TLM

We are TLM or Transylvania Lifestyle Magazine, we’re an adult lifestyle and entertainment online portal based in Transylvania – a historical town with a rich culture and beautiful medieval backdrops and of course, the legend of Dracula. However there is more to our land than just the lord of vampires – we’re an emerging area with beautiful people from bustling cities.

We provide information Transylvanian adults would like to know, as well as guides on relationships, sex and parenting. We have reviews and recommendations on products that may cater to special tastes as we know very well, Transylvanians are a diverse bunch. However, we’re not just for Transylvanians only – we also aim to promote our region to tourists who would like to experience the myth of our land, we are pretty sure people from around the world would want to see the beautiful Carpathian scenery – its definitely something you don’t want to miss.