Can You Use Lube With A Sex Doll? Should You?

There is no denying that one of the best things that you can ever experience in your entire life is having wild, fun, and mind-blowing sex with someone else. Whether it be a person that you love, a good friend, or someone you have just met, what’s important is the overwhelming feeling of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

This is one reason why many adult toy companies that make a wide variety of sex toys for many years have been producing a very popular type of sex toy right now – and that is the sex doll.

This sex toy is a highly popular one, primarily because it allows a guy to have a mind-blowing and euphoric sex action every night – even without an actual human female partner. All you have to do is to dress her up according to the theme that you like for her, position her into how you like to get it on with her and enjoy your sex action all you want all night.

Sure, Sex With Your Doll is Fun – But Should You Use Lube As Well?

In every sex action that you may have experienced, there surely are some times where you cannot get it into your partner smoothly and flawlessly. This is because of the lack of lubrication, resulting in extreme dryness that can negatively affect your performance and satisfaction. This is why you are using lube to make things easier in getting it on.

Now with regards to the use of lube in sex, you are probably asking –  can you do the same thing to your sex doll in order to get things smoother? Yes, you can use lubrication in your beloved sex doll every time you are getting it on, especially if you are having a hard time putting it in just like in normal sex with a human partner.

Just like having sex with a human female partner, having sex with your sex doll can have some hard times as well, in the sense that you cannot penetrate smoothly. In this case, you have to use the right lubrication not only to make your penetration smoother and not ruin the party but also to not cause any damage.

Speaking of not causing any damage, you have to use water-based lubrication instead of oil-based one, as the latter might break the surface of your doll. The former, on the other hand, feels cooler to your skin and makes penetration even smoother and more sensational.