Transylvania Calling 2014 8 - 15 September



Shuttle & Meeting Point

Shuttle from Bucharest Otopeni International Airport

Ask at the airport information booth how to find the Parking Lot where the NON Public busses are leaving from and look out for the Bus with Transylvania Calling Poster in the window or our Volunteers with Transylvania Calling T-Shirts.

The Shuttle is ready for departure on Monday 8th September at 5 PM please be on time! The Travel Duration is aproximatley 4 hours

If you are late or wanna catch the bus and dont have a Presale Bus Ticket please call the Hotline as soon as possible to help you out.

The Shuttle Ticket is both ways and the return Departure from TC Location to Otopeni Airport is planned on Monday 15th September at 8 AM and if leaving punctual it should be arriving in the airport at NOON 12 AM. If you have not ticket but want to take the bus on 15th to Bucharest too please register at the Gate upon your arrival or as soon as you can/know.

If anyone is risking to loose his flight please talk to us on the Gate or Hotline ASAP to find a solution. If needed the Return shuttle time can be adjusted to suit the needs of the group.

Hotlines: 0785867955 / 0751826098 / 0740116076

Shuttle from Sibiu

The shuttle bus to Transylvania Calling is going to wait for you in front of the Sibiu Central Train Station next to the Central Bus Station at Piața 1 Decembrie 1918 Sibiu GPS: 45.799510, 24.161811

View Suttle Bus From Sibiu in a larger map

Be careful of your lugage and dont go with non official busses or people, look out for the Bus with Transylvania Calling Poster in the window or for our Volunteers with Transylvania Calling T-Shirts.

If you missed the shuttle just wait there for the next one or call one of the Hotline numbers to help you.

Hotlines: 0785867955 / 0751826098 / 0740116076

Shuttle Timetable from Sibiu to TC (Aprox 45 minutes):

  • Monday 8th: 10 AM ; 12 AM ; 2 PM ; 4 PM ; 6PM
  • Tuesday 9th: 2 PM ; 6PM
  • Wednesday 10th: 2 PM ; 6PM
  • Thursday 11th: 4 PM
  • Friday 12th: 4PM
  • Saturday 13th: 4 PM
  • Sunday 14th: 4 PM

Shuttle Timetable from TC to Sibiu (Aprox 45 minutes):

In order to catch the shuttle from TC to Sibiu please be at the Gate 30 minutes prior departure and if possible please sign up at the Gate for the specific dates and times upfront in order to help the shuttle planning.

  • Monday 8th: 11 AM ; 1 PM ; 3 PM ; 5 PM ; 7 PM
  • Tuesday 9th: 3 PM ; 7PM
  • Wednesday 10th: 3 PM ; 7PM
  • Thursday 11th: 5 PM
  • Friday 12th: 5 PM
  • Saturday 13th: 5 PM
  • Sunday 14th: 5 PM
  • Monday 15th: 8 AM ; 10 AM ; 12 AM ; 2 PM ; 4 PM ; 6PM

Times could be adjusted to suit the masses needs. Please send us your arrival time at the meeting point with number of people traveling with you to our email in order to help us improve the shuttle service.

More Transport upon request possible. Please contact our hotlines or email

Meeting Point for Vehicles

For those who have no advanced/presale tickets the meeting point is the Parking Lot between KFC and Carrefour at the Sibiu Mall near DN1. GPS: 45.778519, 24.169424 ; the shuttle/guide will pick you up aproximatly 5-15 minutes after leaving from the Trainstation at the times stated above. If you arrive later please call us!

View Meeting Point for Vehicles in a larger map

For any additional info and needs regarding Transportion please don’t hesitate to contact us we will do our best to help you!  Please contact our hotlines or email

Hotlines: 0785867955 / 0751826098 / 0740116076

ॐ Transylvania Calling ॐ 10 Years Anniversary and 8th Gathering of the Psychedelic Tribes ॐ 10 Years Anniversary of Transylvania Calling reaching its 8th Edition … more Info coming soon

Looking for that magical dream getaway?

Then prepare yourself for a journey which goes beyond the sense of sight, hear, smell, taste, touch.
A new dimension, a new experience…

The date for the next Tribal Gathering has already been set. The 2014 TC Experience will be a new “Gathering of the Tribes” and we hope many of you will find your way to us to celebrate the 8th Transylvania Calling 10 Years Anniversary.

Transylvania Calling 2014 will take place as usual in a magical place in the wild mountains of Transylvania September 8th and 15th, however most of the event program will be seven days (from September 8th to 15th) allowing one day before and after for arrivals and departures.

Gates will open on the 8th at precisely 10:00 am. The Market Stage will run from frist day as well as some cultural activities and Cinema at night. The festival itself will start the following day, on the 9th with a special Opening Ceremony in the Main Dancefloor Lunar Stage with performances and special Liveact..
The MArket Stage will run continuously until the end of the festival with a variety of sounds from World Music, Downbeat, Upbeat, Dub, Ambient and Experimental sounds provided by international Bands, Live acts and DJ´s as well as Workshops, Discussions, Storytellings and Cinema at certain hours

The first 3 days (8- 10th) of the festival will be focused on conferences, workshops, games, movies, and social and cultural interaction between the Tribes.

In total there will be 7 days and 6 nights (8th – 15th) of music on the Main Dancefloor Lunar Stage with a flowing musical journey throughout the world of psychedelic music.

All cultural attractions, art, music concerts, DJ sets, performances, conferences and workshops will finish on 15th of September at 16 pm.

10 Years Anniversary of Transylvania Calling reaching its 8th Edition

Happy to let you know we confirmed most of the Artists for 2014.

Now we start to remember again where we left from, why and where we where actually going. its important to not forget that never,  never stop to believe,  stay strong! stay with us and feel the love.. come back to Transylvania Calling ॐ this year back to the source.. more then 10 years of believing, learning, growing, dreaming, hoping, dancing, crying, planing, networking, gardening, thinking, traveling, talking, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing, loving, caring & sharing, reading, writing and filming, producing, seducing and enjoying, driving, flying and skiing, lets do it lets do it all together one week. lets take our hands and just do it from A-Z together as one. let the magic begin to unfold a ballancend natural flow of all that is connnected. thats all .

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