The Types Of Sex You Can Have With A Sex Doll

When it comes to sex, people would want to try different positions not just about curiosity but also to have the best experience. It is necessary for people to explore the different positions while making love for them to know which one gives them too much pleasure. This is the reason why people will have different answers when asked what position they love when having sex. 

Silicone Sex Dolls

Explore Different Sex Positions with Your Love Doll

Men normally craves for different positons when having sex. Unfortunately, some women are comfortable with it and just want to settle with one or two positions. As a results, men feel bored when making love and think of a way on how they can put their wild dreams into reality. This is when sex dolls become popular. With your sex doll, you are free to try different types of sex positions without asking permission or hearing complaints. 

If you want to explore different sex positions but you don’t want to tell your partner about it, then use a love doll. Listed below are just some of the common sex positions that you can try.

  • Spooning

If you have a heavy sex doll, then spooning is an ideal position that you can do. It is an intimate sex position wherein you have to let the doll lie on her side. After that carry one of her legs and thrust your thing.

  • Doggy style

If you want a deeper penetration for sexual satisfaction, you only have to follow what doggies do when making love. Yet, after using the doll, keep it in a safe place to keep your doll away from damages.

  • Cowgirl

If you enjoy looking at your doll above you, then try the cowgirl position. You have to go for a lightweight doll to avoid feeling stress when making love.

  • Missionary

This is the most common sex position that you can do with ease. Allow your doll to lie down before you start the play. Some men prefer simple positions because what matters is that they reach their orgasm.

There are indeed various types of sex that you can choose from. Humans look for a particular position that will make it easier for them to reach orgasm. Some also look for positions that could help them stay longer in bed. So, if ever that you want to learn a particular sex position that you can try to your partner, you can use a sex doll first to know how you should do it.

Great Love Dolls Are Kind Of Expensive – But Worth It

Having Money and Its Perks

Not everyone has the same social status in life and most of us are living day-by-day from our wages. Sometimes it isn’t enough as it only pays for the utilities alone. That’s why people often wisely budget their money so that they can live through their weeks.

However, for others, they can easily buy their needs and wants as they have extra money for it. They can avail anything that they want and they can still pay for their basic utilities. In addition to that, buying things we want could lead to happiness and joy. It allows us to be satisfied in this world.

Buying Sex Dolls

People often have sexual urges and as much as possible, it is needed to be satisfied. Well, one of the things that you can do is to get a sex doll for yourself from sites like What’s nice with these sex dolls is that it shows a replica of a human and their function is to help you satisfy your sexual urges. However, these dolls don’t come at cheap prices and it is so expensive so you might want to start saving some money for you to avail yourself of one.

Well, it would never be a problem if you have enough savings for it and if you are so curious about using it. You might want to visit so you’ll know how these dolls typically cost. But despite its expensive price, using these sex dolls is still worth it.

Sex Dolls are Worth It

What’s nice with these sex dolls is that it allows you to do your fantasies and have the perfect partner for you. You can customize its parts based on your preferences and you can do all the things that you want to experience during sex.

No one is going to stop you and you will love the experience that it provides. You might be so aroused and get active while having sex with it. Even couples have tried using it and they told that the experience is something new and worth giving a try.

In addition to that, these dolls are designed in a way that it can withstand any kind of pressure so that it is durable enough to last for a long time. You might as well give it a try if you have the money to spend for it and satisfy your urges while having a worthy experience.

Love Dolls Feel Real – And They Don’t Want Dinner First

Love and Relationships 

Love and relationships are central to most people’s lives, and few have the same views and perspectives about the perfect sex life. Some folks are free and open about their relationships, while others want to keep their sexual preferences and activities completely private. Some people just want casual relationships, while others want to get serious and perhaps even settle down. 

Serious relationships aren’t for everyone. Rather than a quick text followed by quick sex, there are obligations that some casual types don’t have the time or patience for. Dinners, movies, weekend trips and quiet nights at home simply don’t fit with some peoples’ lifestyles.

There are lots of options for those folks, of course. They can hookup on an app or at a club, they can hire an escort – or they can find a “partner” who will always be available, but won’t make any demands on them.

They can buy a love doll.

Sex Dolls Feel Real

When you’re ready to have fun with a sex doll, they won’t demand foreplay first. They won’t even expect you to take them out to a nice restaurant – or to McDonald’s. They’re ready whenever you are.

There won’t be any soft murmuring in your ear, either, but that doesn’t matter to most guys who are in the mood to just to get it on. You want – your love doll delivers.

One of the best attributes of a high-quality doll is that she feels real, almost exactly like the woman you don’t have time to take to dinner. Sex dolls have all the right body parts, you feel the right sensations when you’re having sex with them, and you don’t have to worry about whether they want to stay for the night after the action is over.

Pick the Right Sex Doll

Of course, there’s one important factor to consider: we’re talking about high-end sex dolls, not vinyl “balloons” that may pop even before you do. Love dolls made from durable materials like silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are designed to provide vaginal, anal or oral pleasure – and last for years.

Sites like offer a variety of dolls and you can choose the one that satisfies your sexual fantasies and activities. You can customize their bodies, choose the look that turns you on, and even pick its race and age. Depending on your preferences, you can easily get the things that you are looking for when it comes to sexual partners.

There’s no need to feel obligated to buy dinner, flowers or jewelry for your sex doll. She’s there for YOU, whenever you want her.

What To Do When Sex With Your Partner Just Isn’t Enough

Not everyone who buys love dolls is lonely or has nothing else to do with their lives. Most of the people who choose to use love dolls for their sexual pleasure tend to have challenges. It could be a couple who no longer finds it exciting to be with each other and need another option, or whose sex drives are mismatched with one wanting sex all the time and the other only interested once in a while. Love dolls can help fulfill these needs in a couple’s life to help improve their relationship.

It can be weird to see that a love doll can help you have sex with your partner. But more often than not most relationships stumble into a lot of problems and challenges. It’s not every time that a couple manages to sport their problems out themselves. In some cases, a third party needs to step in; in this case, a love doll would be a perfect solution.

Why Love Dolls Are a Good Option for Couples

If you find that having sex with your partner isn’t the same as before, then you might need to take a break. You don’t have to force yourself to do things that both you and your partner don’t feel like it. A love doll is a good option for couples since it isn’t a completely separate person. A love doll can be the third party in the relationship without actually destroying the established relationship.

Rather than going to other people, love dols can take the place of what couples need in their lives. Sometimes if you invite an actual third party into the relationship it can either break the bond or shift the bond between you and your partner. It is still a very risky move even for long time partners. With love dolls, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

The Many Kinds of Love Dolls Available

The great thing about love dolls is that they also come in various options. There’s no one choice of love dolls that you can get but an array of them. There are cheaper love dolls that aren’t life-sized and then there are those made out of synthetic material. You can find life-sized love dolls available in every height and body shape. Nowadays there are even AI love dolls available.

The type of love doll you buy depends on you and your partner’s tastes. It can be a cheaper doll, a regular-priced one, or an expensive love doll. What matters is that it fulfills your needs and you can afford them. Buying and maintenance of bigger love dolls can be challenging. This is why you should pick out the love doll of your choice carefully.

Can You Use Lube With A Sex Doll? Should You?

There is no denying that one of the best things that you can ever experience in your entire life is having wild, fun, and mind-blowing sex with someone else. Whether it be a person that you love, a good friend, or someone you have just met, what’s important is the overwhelming feeling of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

This is one reason why many adult toy companies that make a wide variety of sex toys for many years have been producing a very popular type of sex toy right now – and that is the sex doll.

This sex toy is a highly popular one, primarily because it allows a guy to have a mind-blowing and euphoric sex action every night – even without an actual human female partner. All you have to do is to dress her up according to the theme that you like for her, position her into how you like to get it on with her and enjoy your sex action all you want all night.

Sure, Sex With Your Doll is Fun – But Should You Use Lube As Well?

In every sex action that you may have experienced, there surely are some times where you cannot get it into your partner smoothly and flawlessly. This is because of the lack of lubrication, resulting in extreme dryness that can negatively affect your performance and satisfaction. This is why you are using lube to make things easier in getting it on.

Now with regards to the use of lube in sex, you are probably asking –  can you do the same thing to your sex doll in order to get things smoother? Yes, you can use lubrication in your beloved sex doll every time you are getting it on, especially if you are having a hard time putting it in just like in normal sex with a human partner.

Just like having sex with a human female partner, having sex with your sex doll can have some hard times as well, in the sense that you cannot penetrate smoothly. In this case, you have to use the right lubrication not only to make your penetration smoother and not ruin the party but also to not cause any damage.

Speaking of not causing any damage, you have to use water-based lubrication instead of oil-based one, as the latter might break the surface of your doll. The former, on the other hand, feels cooler to your skin and makes penetration even smoother and more sensational.

One Of The Most Popular Types Of Sex Dolls: Ones With Huge Tits

Sex dolls are a popular tool that allow men (or women!) to fulfill their wildest fantasies and desires in bed. You do not have to call some girl for a short hookup just in order to keep you satisfied all night, when you have access to a love doll.

All you have to do is to buy yourself the most beautiful and desirable sex doll from the best online adult shop – one that suits your taste, preferences, and desires in a woman – and you’re good to go!

Now when it comes to the type of sex doll that you like, what particular physical features are you looking for? Whatever you like in a woman in the physical aspect, would surely be the one that you like in your sex doll – and one of those physical features is none other than having huge tits. Why is this trait very popular in terms of choosing sex dolls? Read on to find out.

Huge Tits: Every Woman’s Greatest Gift

One of the most desirable traits in the physical aspect of a woman is none other than having a huge pair of tits. The fact that a woman has a pair of tits that are beyond average is a great blessing to the beauty, sexiness, and confidence of the woman – as well as to the eyes and fantasies of men who see them.

Why are having a huge pair of tits considered to be very beautiful and desirable in the eyes of men? There have been numerous studies the were conducted in recent years, which have been proven that having a large set of tits is a clear indication of health and maturity on the part of the female. Aside from that, it is also a clear indication that a female is highly capable in terms of anything sexual.

This is also the same reason why many men are very much drawn to female celebrities and models who are blessed with having a huge pair of tits. They are also a big indication of beauty, hotness, and sexiness that are making up the overall image of the ideal female beauty in the present.

So if having huge tits is considered a huge asset for actual human women, then it is also the same with sex dolls. So when buying sex dolls, if you are fancying women blessed with large tits, then you better get the dolls that are gorgeous and have that huge asset.

Can A Love Doll Give You A Blow Job?

When it comes to the best type of sex toy in the adult market for guys right now, many adult males would say that it is the love doll. Why is this the case? There are numerous reasons, depending on the user.

But if there is one common reason among guys who own a love doll, it is because of the fact that it is they have a female companion who possesses the physical traits that they find desirable, and who can be a willing partner for every night of wild sex action.

But if there is one particular sexual act that you are curious about regarding the sex doll you have, for sure, it has something to do with oral sex. Sure, you can give your precious doll the best oral sex you can offer to a female partner. If you are wondering whether you can receive a blow job from your beloved love doll, you better read on for you to find out.

Enjoy the Best Oral Sex All Night With Your Love Doll!

Now with regards to the question as to whether you can get a good blow job from a love doll. Believe it or not, the answer to your love doll question is a big yes! Your precious love doll can give the most mind-blowing oral sex despite the fact that it is technically a doll rather than a human female.

As you can see, every love doll is being created in the way that she is not inferior to the anatomy of an actual human female – in terms of the body frame, skin, hair, and of course, the various cavities that you can use during a sexual act.

Speaking of the cavity, the mouth of the love doll is created to be as realistic as possible. The oral features of the love doll are complete – from the luscious and soft lips that resemble the soft lips of a female to the teeth and tongue that closely resemble the actual ones.

Aside from that, the mouth of the love doll is so flexible and adjustable enough for you to fit in your organ without any difficulty and with great ease and smoothness. And once you get it inside her mouth, enjoy all the goodness of the best oral sex that you have ever got in your life!